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House of Hamish

A few days ago on Facebook, World of Interiors announced that their November issue would debut Hamish Bowles’ stunning new Manhattan apartment (see his former Manhattan apartment here, and his Parisian flat here and here). I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve been waiting years for this. Compared to his previous New York home, the new space possesses a certain elegance, regality. This makes sense as the design was masterminded by both Mr. Bowles and Roberto Peregalli and Laura Satori Rimini of Studio Peregalli, the Italian design team which turns out rooms better suited for Lady Mary than Katy Perry. 

I downloaded the digital copy of the magazine this morning, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the print to fully take in the space’s details. I’m swept away by that kitchen, the quilted bedspread, those light fixtures, that marmalade sofa. I have a feeling this editorial will provide inspiration for years to come. Enjoy! 

(photos by Simon Upton)


The Duchess of Alba + the Liria Palace

First of all, let me say that the April issue of World of Interiors was Christmas-present good. Almost better than when my six-year-old self received Samantha Parkington from Santa (click here to see my special portrait with her... I commissioned it in kindergarten). Anyway, in addition to featuring Olympia Le-Tan's new showroom, the issue also showcased the Liria Palace, the Madrid home of the Duchess of Alba. Check out those 18th-century masked portraits by Domenico Maggiotto in the emerald sitting room - are they not the most amazing paintings you've ever seen? And those chintz sofas and needlepoint pillows? I can't even handle it. In the article, World of Interiors mentioned that the Liria Palace is open to the public one day a week - I'm determined to visit! A 1983 New York Times piece reported that alongside priceless Goyas, Rembrandts and rare porcelain figurines are "photographs of family parties and a collection of perfume bottles." Sounds rather lovely, don't you think?

(photos by Ricardo Labougle for World of Interiors)


olympia le-tan + the world of interiors

This spring, something magical happened: Olympia Le-Tan, one of my favorite designers, was covered by World of Interiors, one of my favorite magazines. Queue cartwheels. Ms. Le-Tan, who debuted her coveted clothing line just last season, recently settled into a delctable Parisian showroom. I'm of the opinion that pink and green have never looked so good (sorry, Lilly). I would love love love to visit this little jewel box in person. Who's with me? :) 


the beaton track

While picking up an iced latte at King’s Road Café (who, by the way, serves the strongest coffee in LA!), I stopped to peruse the amazing magazine stand located just around the corner. A headline on the February issue of World of Interiors stopped me dead in my tracks: “The Glamour Gang’s Getaway: Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Holiday Hangout." I picked it up and promptly devoured. The said cover story highlights a rather remote estancia located in the provence of Córdoba, Argentina. The estate, dubbed San Miguel de Cárcano, has been visited by the likes of Jackie and Cecil Beaton (he wrote about it in detail in his diary, which was later published as The Parting Years) and at one point was only accessible by mule. Love. As expected with anything that runs in World of Interiors, it's a wonderful piece. My one complaint? I would have died to know the details of Jackie's visit - what did she do? wear? eat?! But I guess that's what made this destination so attractive to someone of her caliber... what happens in San Miguel de Cárcano, says in San Miguel de Cárcano :)

(photos by Ricardo Labougle)


deyrolle paris

While browsing flickr last night, I came across these wonderful photos of Deyrolle, the famous Parisian taxidermy boutique known for their wild curiosities. The blogger behind The Snail and the Cyclops took the time to scan them in from a 1985 issue of World of Interiors (my hero!). Sadly, Deyrolle suffered a devastating fire in February 2008 that eliminated 90% of its product - the New York Times described the incident as if “a dagger had been plunged into the heart of Paris.” Curators and Deyrolle supporters from around the world - including Christie’s and Hermès - rallied to raise money to bring the boutique back to life (no pun intended). My sister is taking a trip to Paris this Summer with my grandmother - I'll have to send them to the shop to investigate the recovery. If you've visited Deyrolle since the fire, please comment! I'd love to hear what you have to say.