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closet confidential

When I moved to Los Angeles, I seriously downsized my wardrobe as I no longer had use for my cold weather clothing (don’t worry - I didn’t give them away... my little sister was more than happy to “keep an eye” on everything for me :). Though I’m only dealing with half of what my closet used to be, I’m still having trouble keeping my clothes in order! Desperate for some new storage solutions, I compiled these images as a bit of inspiration to get my closet back on track (It’s important to note that on my early-twenty-something budget, most of these photos are aspirational!). Who's closet/wardrobe/dressing room do you most identify with?

1. Scanned from Domino, December 2005 2. Zach Molt's lifesaving IKEA Sultan Alsarp box spring 3. Adir Abergel's overflowing wardrobe 4. The Duchess of Windsor's dressing room 5. Kate Spade's closet, scanned from InStyle, October 2004 6. Manolo Blahnik's shoes at home (photo by Ivan Terestchenko) 7. Lauren Vinroot Poole's dressing room, scanned from Domino, February 2007 8. Chloë Sevigny's closet, as featured in Apartamento 9. Jackie Kennedy's White House dressing room 10. Designer David Kaihoi's closet, scanned from House Beautiful, August 2010 11. Audrey Hepburn in her on-set dressing room for Sabrina

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LOVE this post, so inspirational for closet organizing :)

09.14.2011 | Unregistered CommenterSJ

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