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at home with sofia coppola: get the look

I am by no means a graphic designer, but I fell so in love with SC’s apartment that I had to create une petite "get the look" roundup. Here are a few items that, in my humble opinion, capture the essence of her space...

One: Start with a beautiful, oversized sofa in a shade of pale blue. Sofia’s is by George Smith, but the one pictured here is a George Sherlock (my dream sofa maker). Two: Simply drown yourself in pink peonies. Real ones are lovely, but the Diane James variety never dies :). Three: Get thee an Elizabeth Peyton print. I didn’t find any great ones available for online purchase, so I would suggest picking up this book and framing one of it's pages. Who’s going to know? Four: Line your lingerie drawer with paper scented in Diptyque’s Olène Perfume (Sofia’s favorite). Five: Light up a big... candle! A.P.C.’s are different and delicious. Six: Extend the life of your tables with Sugar Paper's gold polka dot coasters. They're very Coppola-esque, don't you think? Seven: According to the New York Times, SC purchases stationary at Paris' Benneton Graveur Stationery. I would image that the above correspondence card and envelope is one of their designs. Eight: This pretty ginger jar lamp by Lamps Plus reminds me of the one in SC’s living room. Whether your style is traditional or minimalist, you truly can't go wrong with ginger jar anything. Nine: Hang a vintage blonde fur coat on the back of a door. Instant luxury. Ten: Paint your walls a warm white, like Farrow & Ball’s Pointing. Eleven: Track down a Power, Corruption & Lies record on eBay or at a local record store. Frame it. Twelve: Wear black ballet flats around the house... Repetto’s are super chic. Thirteen: Use an address book. At one point, Sofia used this one from Smython but any brand will do!

And there you have it! For those of you who read, thanks for indulging me :)

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Reader Comments (4)

amazing deconstruction of sofia's aesthetic! i love this, particularly your two ideas for framing, c'est fantastique. I'd love to reprint this on my site with your permission and linking to you, if you'd be interested.

04.13.2013 | Unregistered Commenterkellina

Kellina, yes of course! Go ahead. Thanks :)

04.14.2013 | Registered Commentera lovely being

Thank you so much! I have posted it, hope you like...



04.16.2013 | Unregistered Commenterkellina

Thank you so much for adding us to this beautiful page! We're honored to be mentioned with the name Sofia Coppola and are huge fans.
C + C

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