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a letter from matisse

I am a total paper paraphernalia addict. I don’t scrapbook, but I should-- I save everything (handwritten letters, newspaper clippings, magazines, etc. etc.). When I came across this image of a letter and envelope drawn up by Henri Matisse on style court, I the paper-hoarder inside of me kind of freaked out. I had to post about this! Its simple flower + birdcage sketches are beautiful. Are you a person who believes that you can learn about someone by studying their handwriting? I most certainly am. I wonder what Matisse’s handwriting says about his personality. A biography on the artist is next on my reading list, though which one I’m not sure. Any recommendations?

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Maybe another reader can fill in the blanks. Is the letter not translated anywhere else online?

Here's what I can gather in French:
Vous voulez bien lui permettre d'acqueirir celui que j'ai designe au debut du cette lettre. Excusez je me prie ce que j'ai au fond
Je compte partir le 4 juin ce'st bientot. Je rencontre Picasso de venir checher les pigeons - J'ai une cage promisse qui lui permettra or les [--] porter. Ce'st un cage perroquet. Ja'is pris que [--] un vous [---] pour l'accompagner - pour repredre les [--].
je vous [--] a tous --- pour
Henri Matisse
Lydia est ravi de sa bague et me le remercie encore

You will please allow him to take what I have drawn at the beginning of this letter. Please excuse me, I took what I had in the end.
I will leave on June 4th which is so soon. I told Picasso to come take the pigeons. I have promissed him a cafe which will allow him to take them along. It's a cage for parrots. I took it [---] to accompany him to take [--].
I [--] for [--]
Henri Matisse
Lydia is so happy with her ring and she continues to thank me.

Hope I didn't get it too wrong!

11.3.2010 | Unregistered CommenterJordana

Hello ! I have just discovered your beautiful blog and I think I can help you to understand this letter - since I am french ! But my english speaking is not fluent.

Concerning the letter itself, I can read in french :

"Vous voudrez bien lui permettre d'acquérir celui que j'ai désigné au début de cette lettre. Excusez je vous prie (de) ce que j'en ai fait.
Je compte partir le 4 juin c’est bientôt. Je demanderai à Picasso de venir chercher les pigeons. J'ai une cage provisoire qui lui permettra de les emporter. C’est une cage à perroquet. J’espère que rien ne vous empêchera de l'accompagner - pour reprendre mes dessins.
Je vous adresse à tous deux l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.
Henri Matisse
Lydia est ravie de sa bague et vous en remercie encore.

Vence 16/5.48"

A trying of english translation :

You would please allow him to acquire the one I designated at the beginning of this letter. Excuse me (for) what I did with it.
I expect to leave on June 4, it is soon. I will ask Picasso to come and take (or pick up) the pigeons. I have a temporary cage which will allow him to bring them. It's a parrot cage. I hope that nothing will prevent you to accompany him - to take back my drawings.
Truly yours, to you two.
Henri Matisse

Lydia is thrilled her ring and thank you again.

Vence the 16th of may 1948

Friendly yours,
Clotilde, from Paris.

12.22.2010 | Unregistered CommenterClotilde

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