at work with sofia coppola 

I have no idea how I stumbed across these photos on Le Monde, but I'm glad I did. I've never seen Sofia's New York office before and I'm feeling quite inspired. I'd like to think that you could bring this space ten years forward or backward, and it'd still make sense. Don't you agree? In my opinion, this is largely due to the personal objects and trinkets scattered about. Sofia didn't buy her books in one go on amazing nor did she purchase all pieces of art one sleepless night on Etsy. In the accompanying interview, she notes that she actually snapped many of the photos herself. They look quite lovely and professonal simply because they are beautifully framed. You, too, can do this! And you don't need an expensive camera to follow suit :) 

Also: I'm beginning to think that a watermelon-colored desk is the secret to greatness. For all you die-hard Jenna Lyons fans, you know what I mean. I was already planning to repaint my black desk a pure white once the weather warmed up, but now I'm rethinking everything.   

Put your high school French skills to use and read the article here. Bonne journée!


une citation

"She has
Inner Resources."

-Kay Thompson, Eloise 



chez adam charlap hyman

Simply put, Adam Charlap Hyman's brooklyn flat knocked me off my feet. The fairly recent graduate of RISD currently works as a furniture, textile and interior designer and his apartment shows it. Adam installed the apartment's molding and wooden fireplace (which he painted to look like marble), and even made the iron "Cocteau" chair we see in photo four. I love his use of color and texture and have spent quite a bit of time analyzing the content in these photos. I'm incredibly inspired and impressed! If you have a moment, you've got to see rest of his space here and here. ACH, you're my new hero. 

(photos by André Herrero)


life lessons with jenna lyons

I prefer to make my own life mistakes rather than save myself the excrustiating misery + learn from the mistakes others have made before me (note: extreme sarcasm). That being said, I still enjoy hearing/reading advice from wise women I admire. This short feature with Jenna Lyons appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Porter, Net-A-Porter's new publication. It's short and motivating, a nice mid-day read. Enjoy! 


rita konig on framing 

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to buy more art. In my opinion, a space without art is incredibly boring (and sadly, I don't have much of it!). Good art needn't be expensive, but I do believe that it needs to be properly framed. Readers in this school of thought will enjoy Rita Konig's short film for her new NYT video series, The Decoration of Houses. Here, Rita introduces us to London's Lacy Gallery where (I assume) she does most of her framing. I love that she mixes different woods, metals and styles of frames on the walls of her London flat. It adds variety and excitement. Very magpie chic. Also, how awesome are those brass frames on her wall?! I've been trying to track down a vintage rendition on Etsy, but no luck yet. Perhaps it's one of those things that must be custom. Any ideas?  

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