want of the day

Forgive me for posting about beachwear on October 1. Summer might be over in the Midwest and on the East Coast... However, it was 90+° in Los Angeles yesterday! All I wanted to do was escape to the Pacific. And I might have made the trek if I had something sassy like the above retro bikini to wear - but instead I did laundry and cleaned my apartment. Such is the life of a working girl. Happy monday!  


une citation 

"There will always be glamourous women who declare that they do nothing special to maintain their trim,
attractive bodies; a zest for living is what keeps you young, they proclaim. I do not envy them;
I just don't believe a word they say."

-Luciana Avedon


olivia bee for hermès

I find the dreamy, alternate reality of 18-year-old film photographer Olivia Bee quite compelling. Her recent collaboration with Hermès is beyond beautiful - she sure does have an amazing eye. Would it surprise you to know that she's a beloved member of the Rookie Mag crew? Ms. Olivia has convinced me that my next big purchase will be a gorgeous film camera and lots of expired film... Something like this would work quite nicely :)   


work calmly, joyously, recklessly

Henry Miller's work commandments are helping me stay on task today. And almost want to make me write my own work commandments in my little agenda (which might read something like... "Work first and always. Twitter comes afterwards"). Care to share any tips that help you stay on task?     


on this day in history...

Frances Scott Key Fitzgerald
was born in St. Paul, Minnesota.