life lessons with jenna lyons

I prefer to make my own life mistakes rather than save myself the excrustiating misery + learn from the mistakes others have made before me (note: extreme sarcasm). That being said, I still enjoy hearing/reading advice from wise women I admire. This short feature with Jenna Lyons appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Porter, Net-A-Porter's new publication. It's short and motivating, a nice mid-day read. Enjoy! 


rita konig on framing 

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to buy more art. In my opinion, a space without art is incredibly boring (and sadly, I don't have much of it!). Good art needn't be expensive, but I do believe that it needs to be properly framed. Readers in this school of thought will enjoy Rita Konig's short film for her new NYT video series, The Decoration of Houses. Here, Rita introduces us to London's Lacy Gallery where (I assume) she does most of her framing. I love that she mixes different woods, metals and styles of frames on the walls of her London flat. It adds variety and excitement. Very magpie chic. Also, how awesome are those brass frames on her wall?! I've been trying to track down a vintage rendition on Etsy, but no luck yet. Perhaps it's one of those things that must be custom. Any ideas?  


listed: bella freud

This may be old news for most of you, but did you know that Sigmond Freud's great-granddaughter, Bella Freud, is an artist/fashion designer? I'm not exactly sure of her background in the industry, but I do know that she currently has a cheeky line of sweaters for sale at Net-A-Porter (I want this one). I love it when magazines do "list" features, and I found hers to be quite interesting (/I wish I could be as cool as her). She totally makes me want this tote from L.L. Bean (did you spot hers in the middle right?). Anywho, Bella is a good one to look up on Zimbio -- definitely a mover and shaker in London. Happy stalking :) 

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want of the day

Like Leandra Medine, I consider leopard a neutral. I believe it to go with most everything (including other patterns). PLUS, I always feel a bit sassier when wearing something in the print. That being said, I flipped for these Wolford tights as seen on New York stylist/brand designer/renaissance woman Kate Schelter (check out her rad business website here). I'm always a bit iffy to spend more than $25 on a pair of tights, but I think these are totally worth the $65 price tag! 

(photo of Ms. Shelter via StyleLikeU)


une citation

"A good mother is worth hundreds of schoolmasters." 
-George Herbert

painting of Jenna Lyons & son, Beckett, by Libby Black