chez carol fertig

When browsing the NYSD's House archive (as I’m often prone to do), I was both delighted and surprised to come across the apartment of designer Carol Fertig. You see, Ms. Fertig is the sister of my grandmother’s very dear friend, Judith. Small world, right? As you may have inferred by the above photos, Carol is a woman of serious style. Like Charlotte Moss, she decorates her office space with photos of powerful women and things that inspire. Couldn’t you stare at that bulletin board for hours? I've met Judith several times, but I hope I get a chance to meet Carol in the future. I have a feeling we'd get along swimmingly :)  


seven things: sylvia plath 

There is a list in my latest read, Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953, of young Sylvia's "vitals." I enjoyed them so much that I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here! These are taken word-for-word from the book... if you're a fellow (fashion) history nerd, scoop up a copy as fast as you can! Trust me.

1. She went on sixty-seven dates between July 1 and August 31 in the summer of 1949.

2. She adored Marilyn Monroe but disliked Brigitte Bardot and Lolita.

3. She never wrote in cursive.

4. She once bought a raincoat for its pink lining – “because I have never had anything pink-colored.”  

5. She drank her coffee black in America but added cream in Europe.

6. She could cook only one dish – devil’s food cake, from a mix.

7. She once adopted a twirling stray cat and named it Nijinsky – because of its leaping grace.

(Umbrella sketch by Ms. Sylvia Plath herself; via)


girl crush: léa seydoux

I’m a huge fan of Léa Seydoux. You know, that beautiful French actress whose character won over Luke Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris? And more recently, the (well-suited) face of Prada Candy? Anyway, girl’s got amazing style both on the red carpet and off. The red lipstick fiend I am, I’m super excited to try her YSL Pur Couture recommendation (I bet she wears "Le Rouge"! Confession: I just ordered it...). Also, I’ve never seen Jean Cocteau’s La Bell et la Bête – must get on that ASAP. If you’re on the fence about Léa, just try to watch this interview without developing a huge girl crush. Can we say adorable?!    


une citation

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.
If you have that awareness, you have good manners,
no matter what fork you use.

-Emily Post

(illustration by Julia Rothman)


mary mcdonald's dollhouse

One of my absolute favorite interior designers, Mary McDonald, recently partnered with Martin Lawrence Bullard to design a couture dollhouse (he decorated the top floor, she le rez-de-chaussée). Not that I even need to say this, but this wasn’t just any dollhouse. As the final product was to be auctioned off for a cause (UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital, to be exact), Mary went all out. Among other things, the house comes with de Gournay-esque wallpaper, custom upholstery and plastic pugs. Basically, I want to move in! All I have to say is that when I have kids, I’m going to have wayyy more fun with their dollhouses than they do :)

(a special thanks to James at MMI for sending these photos! xo)