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a sketch of margot tenenbaum's room

When Wes Anderson is writing, he keeps a notebook of ideas for sets, props and clothes  which he then incoporates into his scripts. “In the past,” Anderson says, “I have occasionally forgotten some of m y favorite ideas until it was too late—for example, after the movie is out on video.” In order to prevent this from happing on The Royal Tenenbaums (which Anderson admits, “contains more perhaps unnecessary visual detail than both of my previous films combined…”), he commissioned his brother, Eric, to create drawings from his notebooks. Wes used these drawings to convey his artistic vision for The Royal Tenenbaums to his production crew. The director notes, “…Eventually, [Eric’s] illustrations became standard equipment on the walls of the production offices and art department in the the notebooks of everyone on the crew—a sort of manual."

I include here Eric’s sketch of Margot Tenenbaum’s room. I swooned when I saw that amazing Scalamandré wallpaper drawn out! I swear, Wes Anderson could be one of the most successful interior designers of our time should he set out to do so.   

(drawing by Eric Anderson; scanned by moi)

tim walker

If you haven't heard of photographer Tim Walker, you definitely know who he is. He's the mastermind behind those colorful, near-perfect ads for Juicy Couture. I stumbled across one of his images a few weeks ago was absolutely floored. This man is brilliant! The more I researched Mr. Walker, the more I fell in love with his work. The things I would do to have this man's vision! In 2008, The Design Museum in London curated a fantastic exhibit of Mr. Walker's work. Krisatomic has photos of the exhibit here.

I like the image above the best. It reminds me of this scene from The Royal Tenenbaums (my favorite movie!):