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silhouette stationary

I've been lusting after silhouette stationary ever since I came across Sesame Letterpress' rendition a few years back. Beautiful as they are, I just can't justify spending $150+ for paper that I don't see becoming the "little black dress" of my stationary wardrobe! Does that make sense? Call me crazy, but I view silhouette paper as the equivalent of that fun DVF wrap dress you'd wear to dinner with friends.

That being said, this Fiona Designs set seems to be the answer to my prayers. At $20 for ten personalized cards and envelopes, the price is definitely right. Plus, the company even offers the option to choose your own coloring... I think I'd want a coral-y pink silhouette with black letters. Of course, I'd change my mind a million times before actually placing the order. So, who makes your favorite "wrap dress" stationary? I'd be interested to hear! x


olivier de sercey

Olivier de Sercey is a gorgeous Parisian stationary boutique whose personalized papers I can't afford but love all the same. I’m not alone in my de Sercey obsession… As you can see, their clientele includes some of the biggest names in the global fashion and entertainment industry. I love the beautiful, intricate, clean details that have become a hallmark of their work. One of my long-term "goals" is to find a local stationary shop in Kansas City (or elsewhere) that creates inexpensive, like-minded cards… As always, if anyone reading has a recommendation please let me know! In the meantime, you should definitely browse their site. It'll make you want to write handwritten letters again - promise :)