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rita konig on framing 

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to buy more art. In my opinion, a space without art is incredibly boring (and sadly, I don't have much of it!). Good art needn't be expensive, but I do believe that it needs to be properly framed. Readers in this school of thought will enjoy Rita Konig's short film for her new NYT video series, The Decoration of Houses. Here, Rita introduces us to London's Lacy Gallery where (I assume) she does most of her framing. I love that she mixes different woods, metals and styles of frames on the walls of her London flat. It adds variety and excitement. Very magpie chic. Also, how awesome are those brass frames on her wall?! I've been trying to track down a vintage rendition on Etsy, but no luck yet. Perhaps it's one of those things that must be custom. Any ideas?  


those sheets.

This morning, my incredibly stylish friend Natalie forwarded me Todd Selby's newsletter along with a simple caption: "I suspect you've seen this?!" (she knows me so well!). The "this" in question was Mr. Selby's shoot with Rita Konig at her former Manhattan digs, also known as The Most Beautiful Apartment in the World. Rita's D. Porthault sheets have long been on my dream wish list... I'm a bedding nut, and - try as I might - can't seem to find another pattern that tops the French line's Coeurs Pink (which was originally designed for the Duke + Duchess of Windsor, don't you know :). Ooh, my expensive taste will be the end of me!


rita rocks

So, this is about the 47th time I’ve posted on Rita Konig’s old New York apartment. But honestly, I don’t even care because it’s my favorite. I discovered these beautiful, gigantic images of Rita’s former abode on Abigail Ahern’s blog yesterday… and subsequently freaked out. Aren’t they amazing? The photos were taken by Abigail’s friend, Graham Atkin Hughes, for her first book, Girl's Guide to Decorating (which I need on my bookshelf asap). I love how you can see exactly which books Rita has on her coffee table. I also love how she stores her magazine clippings in big, white binders (just like me!). Basically, I love everything about this apartment right down to those charming wood floors. Cheers to big dreams of having a space just like this one day :)

(P.S. Abigail's place will knock your socks off - check it out here!)


ephemera, etc. 

There's something about personal ephemera tucked in expected places that I find incredibly charming. A step beyond the bulletin board, it gives a home a sense of instant cheeky humor and ease (at least to someone like myself who revels in beautiful chaos). Here, anything can be turned into a canvas... the possibilities are endless! Both Miles Redd and Herve Pierre extend their artistic eye to the lampshade, turning a plain jane shade into a mesmorizing work of art. Rita Konig, as I've written before, dresses up her mantel with personal polaroids. Similarly, Hamish Bowles and Jenna Lyons use photos to dress down fancy mirrors. The best part about this look? It's 100% budget-friendly! We all have photos laying around that need a home, and I'm betting that everyone has a lampshade and/or a mirror that could use a little sprucing up. So there you have it: Instant chic on the cheap. What could be better? 


une citation

"Every woman needs a room of one's own."

-Virginia Woolf