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the making of a dior haûte couture dress

Have you ever wondered how a Dior Haûte Couture dress is fabricated? Of course you have. And Refinery 29 produced a short film to show us. Though I’ve watched this video several times, my utter awe of the process has not faded. The white lab coats, the hand-dyed ribbons, the way those pleats are made! These men and women are truly artists. See the final pieces at the Dior Spring/Summer '15 show here.


chez poppy de villeneuve

When I stumbled across Poppy de Villeneuve's fabulous Brooklyn apartment this morning, I knew that I had to make some time during my lunch break to blog it out. I'm a bit surprised by how much I love this apartment as I'm usually not the biggest fan of wood details... perhaps it's because she makes them seem wonderfully feminine. I love that she admiditly went without a kitchen table for eight months until she found the perfect one (my kind of girl). On a side note, I'm totally naming my future daughter Poppy. It's a done deal :)

(photos by Sam Horine)


elle fanning + the perfect cat-eye

These photos might be old news, but I found them too cute not to post! I love Elle Fanning – I think we can all agree that she’s absolutely adorable. These shots are from a recent Terry Richardson photo session, hence the retro specks + "thumbs up" poses (Mr. Richardson's calling cards). Elle’s probably not wearing a stitch of makeup save for those liquid liner cat-eyes - cute because it looks as if she tried a new "look" with her mother's cosmetics (that went over remarkably well). Should you like to recreate Elle's look, you mustmustmust check out this tutorial on Refinery. Apparently, the perfect cat-eye is only a few pieces of scotch tape away! Who would have thought?


petit bateau's fall 2010 lookbook

Petit Bateau’s fall 2010 lookbook is so perfectly French—I’m inspired. That nautical-striped sweater is calling my name! And how cute is the model and her tousled Brigitte Bardot-esqe locks? I need to figure out how to do that. Ahh, I wish I were better at styling my hair! I’m the worst. Anywho, I highly recommend that you check out the rest of the lookbook at Refinery 29 (its freaking adorable).