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chez emily butler

Emily C. Butler, a talented interior designer living in New York, is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. I was thrilled to get a little glimpse of her apartment when it was featured on Apartment Therapy a few weeks ago. Isn't it beautiful? She has great taste. I'm drawn to it's warm color palette, and the framed Wayne Pate prints paired with blue and white china... I could easily live here myself!


on this day in history...

March 2, 1903:
The Martha Washtington Hotel, the first hotel exclusively for women, 
opens its doors in New York City.  


at work with sofia coppola 

I have no idea how I stumbed across these photos on Le Monde, but I'm glad I did. I've never seen Sofia's New York office before and I'm feeling quite inspired. I'd like to think that you could bring this space ten years forward or backward, and it'd still make sense. Don't you agree? In my opinion, this is largely due to the personal objects and trinkets scattered about. Sofia didn't buy her books in one go on amazing nor did she purchase all pieces of art one sleepless night on Etsy. In the accompanying interview, she notes that she actually snapped many of the photos herself. They look quite lovely and professonal simply because they are beautifully framed. You, too, can do this! And you don't need an expensive camera to follow suit :) 

Also: I'm beginning to think that a watermelon-colored desk is the secret to greatness. For all you die-hard Jenna Lyons fans, you know what I mean. I was already planning to repaint my black desk a pure white once the weather warmed up, but now I'm rethinking everything.   

Put your high school French skills to use and read the article here. Bonne journée!


chez carol fertig

When browsing the NYSD's House archive (as I’m often prone to do), I was both delighted and surprised to come across the apartment of designer Carol Fertig. You see, Ms. Fertig is the sister of my grandmother’s very dear friend, Judith. Small world, right? As you may have inferred by the above photos, Carol is a woman of serious style. Like Charlotte Moss, she decorates her office space with photos of powerful women and things that inspire. Couldn’t you stare at that bulletin board for hours? I've met Judith several times, but I hope I get a chance to meet Carol in the future. I have a feeling we'd get along swimmingly :)  


matchbook magazine takes new york

Greetings, loves! I hope you are not too upset for the lack of posts lately... life has been crazy! I’m currently sitting at a table (laptops out!) with my Matchbook Magazine partners, Ms. Katie Armour and Ms. Jane Lilly Warren. We’re busy at work preparing for our January issue-- I think you’re going to l-o-v-e. Our team just posted a darling behind-the-scenes album of our New York adventures on our facebook page. You must check it out! We’ll be updating the album over the course of the next few days.. I do hope you're a fan :) Til tomorrow! XO