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life lessons with jenna lyons

I prefer to make my own life mistakes rather than save myself the excrustiating misery + learn from the mistakes others have made before me (note: extreme sarcasm). That being said, I still enjoy hearing/reading advice from wise women I admire. This short feature with Jenna Lyons appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Porter, Net-A-Porter's new publication. It's short and motivating, a nice mid-day read. Enjoy! 


une citation

"A good mother is worth hundreds of schoolmasters." 
-George Herbert

painting of Jenna Lyons & son, Beckett, by Libby Black


want of the day

I've always loved Jonas Damon's Numbers Clock as seen in Jenna Lyon's old Brooklyn brownstone. Its four boxes can be stacked (or strewn) in a varity of ways and look fantastic when placed alongside traditional accessories. I want one!

P.S. I'd bet money that Jenna sets her clock ten minutes ahead of schedule :) 


ephemera, etc. 

There's something about personal ephemera tucked in expected places that I find incredibly charming. A step beyond the bulletin board, it gives a home a sense of instant cheeky humor and ease (at least to someone like myself who revels in beautiful chaos). Here, anything can be turned into a canvas... the possibilities are endless! Both Miles Redd and Herve Pierre extend their artistic eye to the lampshade, turning a plain jane shade into a mesmorizing work of art. Rita Konig, as I've written before, dresses up her mantel with personal polaroids. Similarly, Hamish Bowles and Jenna Lyons use photos to dress down fancy mirrors. The best part about this look? It's 100% budget-friendly! We all have photos laying around that need a home, and I'm betting that everyone has a lampshade and/or a mirror that could use a little sprucing up. So there you have it: Instant chic on the cheap. What could be better? 


want of the day

I’m assuming that – as much as we don’t like it – most of us will not be spending $2,160 (+ tax) on those Sofia Coppola for LV leopard silk pajamas. But never fear! J.Crew makes a comparable pair of PJs that are just as adorable. Their silk celestial pajama shirt + pant caught my eye in the December catalog – they made it into Jenna’s Picks. If they’re good enough for Ms. Lyons, they’re certainly good enough for me. I'm willing to bet money that Sofia fancies them, as well :)