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porter hovey's favorite heirloom

I loved this sweet piece on Refinery29 featuring tastemakers and their favorite heirloom. My favorite, of course, was Porter Hovey with her mother's framed Hermès scarf (and not just because she's a fellow Kansas Citian). Its peach, coral and pale green color palette is perfect. Their mother, who picked the scarf up in Paris on her honeymoon, thought it pretty enough to be a work of art. And If I were to ever find a scarf as beautiful, I'd certainly follow suit. I remember obsessing over this same framed scarf in Porter and Hollister's book, Heirloom Modern. Actually, the entire book inspired my former apartment. Porter and Hollister have the most stellar taste. If you have a moment, visit the Hovey's design site here!


pretty as a peach

First, if you are my landlord you should stop reading right now. 

If you are not my landlord, you can help me solve my latest dilemma. I just moved into a cozy little studio last week (no fireplace but there is a dressing room..!) and was intent on not painting the walls. But before I had my kitchen unpacked, I began to resent the  predetermined run-of-the-mill drab khaki color of the walls. They absolutely have to go. 

I thought about pale gray, I thought about pale lavender... but I've always found the warm peach color of the Hovey sister's glamourous grandmother's apartment to be perfect. (P.S. The space is featured in full in their book, Heirloom Modern... you need to see it.) I've tried Benjamin Moore's "Conch Shell" and  a coral-peach from Sherwin Williams - both were a no-go. A friend suggested Farrow & Ball's "Pink Ground", but that may be a touch too pink! What do you think? Sadly, I don't think I will sleep well until this is figured out :) 


the hoveys + design*sponge

The Hovey’s museum-esque Manhattan flat was showcased on Design*Sponge yesterday - did you see it? Theirs is one of my favorite spaces of all time! From their extensive collection of vintage Louis Vuitton pieces to their tangerine kitchenaid mixer, it’s truly perfection. Can you believe that they're from Kansas City, of all places? :) 

(all photos by Porter Hovey)


I heart the hoveys

I could get lost for hours browsing the archives of Hollister Hovey’s blog. She is the most fascinating person! I adore the polaroids from her myriad of adventures around the globe (thank you for taking the time to upload these, Ms. Hovey!). This is a completely selfish want, but I hope she never stops blogging. I enjoy her posts way too much! You should also know that Hollister's sister, Porter, has the cutest kissing blog. Take a peek-- You'll love.

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