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the glass menagerie

I first discovered Herend while in high school. My best friend, Mallory, had a petite bunny menagerie on her dresser and I absolutely adored it. At the time, I had no idea what they were (and frankly, I'm not sure if she did either - the objects d'affection were annual Christmas gifts from her aunt). What I did know was that they were beautiful and that I wanted to collect them, too. And so it was. I get that not everyone loves them - my mom says they're for old ladies (to which I say, "Score! Have you seen Advanced Style?"). Needless to say, I think they're rad. Above, of course, we have a few of my current favorites. I'm absolutely dying for the begging miniature poodle! Think they'd trade a glass dog for a real one? :)



une citation

"Birds do it, bees do it, 
Even educated fleas do it,
Let's do it, let's fall in love."

-Cole Porter, "Let's Do It"

(Herend's butterscotch kissing swans here :)


a coral collage

A coral round-up (just because the color makes me very, very happy!). one: faux coral chandalier two: bi-coastal hat three: van cleef & arpels diamond and coral bracelet four: butter london's macbeth (am wearing it now!) five: raynaud's coral teapot six: raynaud's coral cup + saucer seven: vintage olivetti typewriter eight: spisani coral bookends nine: oliphant's starfish earrings ten: tom ford lipstick in true coal eleven: sonia by sonia rykiel silk-crepe collar twelve: herend komodo dragon thirteen: herend oyster + pearl fourteen: d. porthault's "matisse coral" boudoir pillow. center image: behind-the-scenes photo of the New York Ballet's costume shop 


apartamento: chloë sevigny

Chloë Sevigny’s East Village apartment (first published in the January 2007 issue of House & Garden) is one of my all-time favorite spaces. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that her apartment had been published a second time in Apartamento’s October 2009 issue. Albeit a bit after-the-fact, I couldn’t help but reblog these images (plus, it’s always fun to get a peek into the homes of the insanely stylish..!). When doing up the place, she and decorator David Cafiero were inspired by "that beaten-down WASP late-sixties look” made famous by Billy Baldwin. I think she does a fantastic job of bringing that look up to date + making it her own (can we talk about the tiger pillow in her Chintz-covered guest room?). If you’ll indulge me for one moment, I’d also like gush about her expansive collection of Herend figurines (see photo #7). It was rumored that she also collected them (it’s a crazy obsession of mine...), but I didn’t believe it until I saw a photo of the menagerie itself. Obsessed! I think we're destined to be friends :)

(photos by lele saveri


want of the day

This may be silly, but I've decided that I'd like to build a collection of Herend figurines. I think they’re so sweet! On my Christmas wish list (it seems like every other post I write these days is about my Christmas wish list :) is this petite glass Yorkie figurine. Although my Bella is slightly less manicured than Herend’s interpretation of the Yorkshire Terrior, I still would like to have one! What do you think-- and I want your honest answer: are Herend figurines “grandmother-ly” or classic?