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Creativity at Work: Miranda Brooks

By now, you've surly seen Heather Clawson's debut book, Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work, in stylish boutiques about town (or better yet, you already own it!). If you haven't had a chance to flip through, I highly suggest doing so. Not only is the book beautiful, but the content is highly motivating. All of the individuals featured have found success doing what they love and it shows; their work spaces are more like shrines than offices.

Couture landscape designer Miranda Brooks' Manhattan studio, also known as my newest obsession, is a wonderful example. The easy English elegance typical of her work translates beautifully into a creative space... that Hugo Guiness poster casually taped onto a whitewashed brick wall? Those well-loved, oversized chintz throw pillows? The dime store jar filled with fresh tulips fresh? Stunning! When I grow up, I want this. Now do you see what I mean by motivating? :)

Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work is unfussy, raw, and seriously, seriously inspiring. In other words, you need it. Plus, you're going to love the way that it looks on your bookshelf (beacuse let's be real - that matters to people like us). 

(All photographs courtesy of Heather Clawson
Yes, she took these beauties herself. #rolemodel) 


I heart viv strauss

While trolling Etsy a few days ago, I stumbled across artist Viv Strauss’ storefront. I simply could not be more smitten by her work! In addition to just being plain fantastic, her pieces have the most whimsical titles, I.E. “Florence Vanderploeg and Otto take a drive and enjoy the early fall foliage, September of 1938.” I think I need to purchase the first watercolor above... I can’t stop thinking about it. The banana leaf wallpaper featured in the piece is clearly inspired by the wallpaper at Indochine, an iconic New York eatery (I strongly suggest that you read Heather Clawson’s post about Indochine’s wallpaper here). When you have a moment today, why don’t you browse through Ms. Strauss’ shop? I promise you’ll find it time well spent. 


a ladylike boudoir

Ms. Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic posted these photos last year of Charlotte Moss’ room for the 2009 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. The theme of Charlotte’s bedroom suite was “Anything but Pink in the Bedroom.” She designed a très feminine sitting room with a masculine (yet still frilly!) adjoining bed chamber. While the bedroom is lovely, it is the sitting room that I’m infatuated with. Isn’t it perfection? I could just climb into that Porthault-dressed twin bed. The work of Charlotte Moss is truly the epitome of ladylike chic!


welcome home, dvf

Was anyone else as excited as I was to find out that Diane Von Furstenberg is launching a home décor line, available in early 2011?! If it's anything like her Paris apartment, we're in luck!

PS: Ms. Furstenburg, if you're listening, I'm really digging this "rainbow bricks neutral" print as seen in your Spring '10 collection. Could we possibly do curtains in a similar pattern? Maybe bed linens?
(DVF's apartment photos courtesy of habitually chic)