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catherine deneuve's mink coat

This photo of Catherine Deneuve arriving at a European airport in 2005 embodies everything I want to be, now and always. Blonde chignon, glasses, oxblood nails, british tan Hermès birkin (doubt I will ever own one of my own, but a girl can dream). I also love that big mink coat! I would never buy a new fur, though -- I always purchase vintage. Speaking of, I found this pretty fur on Etsy and I'm dying to purchase it. Do you think it's too dressy to wear to class? :) 


a lovely being + etsy

Sometimes, I go a little overboard when I go antiqueing. And by a little, I mean a lot. I'd like to blame it on Kansas City for being such a thrifting goldmine, but the truth is that I've been doing this for years! My little studio apartment is practically bursting at the seams with vintage goods and so I've decided to start an Etsy shop to pass these treasures onto you. Above are a few choice offerings from a lovely being boutique. Each item listed on the site was hand-selected simply because I was drawn to it. I had a lot of fun with styling and setting up the store front, and I can only hope that you take a peek. I'll be adding more pieces (lord knows my apartment needs it) in the next few weeks. If you'd like, drop a line - I'd love to hear what you think! 

above: vintage dalmation figurine, yellow and cream striped vintage vase, vintage needlepoint accent pillow, pair of heavy brass vintage pelican bookends, vintage basketweave ceramic pitcher, painted malachite and brass jewelry box  


silhouette stationary

I've been lusting after silhouette stationary ever since I came across Sesame Letterpress' rendition a few years back. Beautiful as they are, I just can't justify spending $150+ for paper that I don't see becoming the "little black dress" of my stationary wardrobe! Does that make sense? Call me crazy, but I view silhouette paper as the equivalent of that fun DVF wrap dress you'd wear to dinner with friends.

That being said, this Fiona Designs set seems to be the answer to my prayers. At $20 for ten personalized cards and envelopes, the price is definitely right. Plus, the company even offers the option to choose your own coloring... I think I'd want a coral-y pink silhouette with black letters. Of course, I'd change my mind a million times before actually placing the order. So, who makes your favorite "wrap dress" stationary? I'd be interested to hear! x


want of the day

Forgive me for posting about beachwear on October 1. Summer might be over in the Midwest and on the East Coast... However, it was 90+° in Los Angeles yesterday! All I wanted to do was escape to the Pacific. And I might have made the trek if I had something sassy like the above retro bikini to wear - but instead I did laundry and cleaned my apartment. Such is the life of a working girl. Happy monday!  


I heart viv strauss

While trolling Etsy a few days ago, I stumbled across artist Viv Strauss’ storefront. I simply could not be more smitten by her work! In addition to just being plain fantastic, her pieces have the most whimsical titles, I.E. “Florence Vanderploeg and Otto take a drive and enjoy the early fall foliage, September of 1938.” I think I need to purchase the first watercolor above... I can’t stop thinking about it. The banana leaf wallpaper featured in the piece is clearly inspired by the wallpaper at Indochine, an iconic New York eatery (I strongly suggest that you read Heather Clawson’s post about Indochine’s wallpaper here). When you have a moment today, why don’t you browse through Ms. Strauss’ shop? I promise you’ll find it time well spent.