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want of the day

I've always loved Jonas Damon's Numbers Clock as seen in Jenna Lyon's old Brooklyn brownstone. Its four boxes can be stacked (or strewn) in a varity of ways and look fantastic when placed alongside traditional accessories. I want one!

P.S. I'd bet money that Jenna sets her clock ten minutes ahead of schedule :) 


chez caroline

I spent yesterday afternoon at my friend Caroline’s adorable bungalow in Silver Lake. While sipping tea + flipping through the pages of Domino Quick Fixes (which was discovered at Whole Foods, of all places), we became inspired to do a photo shoot of our own! Caroline is a talented actress with amazing style, as clearly demonstrated in the above photos. Her Los Angeles bungalow is beyond darling, don’t you think? She and I are kindred spirits indeed :)

(photos + styling by yours truly) 


carolina herrera jr. + domino magazine

In terms of all-time favorite spaces, Carolina Herrera Jr.’s rose-tinted Manhattan home is right up there with Hamish Bowles’ abodes (1, 2) and Rita Konig’s New York apartment. This editorial is almost six years old, and I still get chills when I see that Laura Ashley wallpaper, cowhide rug + striped chaise lounge! I must give credit to my friend Tina for taking the time to scan in these photos… sadly, I do not own this issue of Domino. Which reminds me – did you hear that Condé Nast might be reviving our dearly departed magazine?! Cartwheels. Scream. Squeal. I wonder who might be heading up this new project and who they might be planning to shoot... any thoughts? Think Will & Kate's new home is out of the question? :)


the real houseguest of [insert city here]

Playing houseguest may seem simple, but there are a few golden rules by which one should always abide. Thankfully, Domino Magazine's Muse Marian (hers was always a favorite segment of mine) spells them out for those of us who may need a bit of a refresher. Hosting a poorly mannered guest can be a miserable experience (we all have our horror stories!). Likewise, a phenomenal houseguest can be tons of fun. If you plan to be a guest this holiday season, I suggest that you read the text – memorize it even! – so that you leave your host with happy memories while he/she is cleaning up the aftermath of your visit. If you’ve anything to add (or vent about), please do so in the comments - I love to read them!

(article scanned in from the August '07 issue of Domino


rita konig's shopping secrets

We could all stand to use a bit of shopping advice from the pros, right? This was the final page of Rita Konig’sfeature in the October 2008 issue of Domino (in which her fabulous home was published!). From shopping with someone you trust (who could be better than Nina Campbell?) to not obsessing over the little things, she offers some pretty sound advice for decking out one’s abode. Rumor has it that Ms. Konig may be moving soon - I can only hope that we’re lucky enough to see this new apartment in a feature someday!