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a confession

Confession: I find the idea of attending a school for the domestic arts hopelessly romantic. Not because I really want to be a maid, but because I like to know the correct way to clean things. By correct, I mean the “old-fashioned” method my great-grandmother would have used. It’s one of my strangest guilty pleasures. I’ve only told my closest friends this for fear of being judged, but few things bring me more joy than fancy laundry detergent…! I devour books like Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson the way that others might devour 50 Shades of Grey

Knowing this, you can imagine how thrilled I was to rediscover this old Domino article. Covering an instutituion like the Starkey International Institute for Household Management is sort of my dream project. Dropping in on bed-making 101 held in “chintz-happy guest suites”? Yes, please.

Cynthia Cling, the adventuress behind the article, mentions how one class period was spent discussing various standards of “freshly-cleaned”. To some, freshly-cleaned means vacuum marks on the carpet. To others, it means the faint tinge of lemon wafting through the air.

To me, it means a bed made up with new linens and a yummy Jo Malone candle burning on the bedside table. Indulge me: what does “freshly-cleaned” mean to you? 


rita konig's mantel

How beautiful is this polaroid photo collage above Rita Konig’s fireplace? I scanned in these two images from the October 2008 Domino editorial of her Manhattan apartment. What an interesting + inexpensive way to adorn a mantel. Ms. Konig is a creative genius, no? If I had a fireplace to doll up, I think I'd do the same thing!


did you hear the good news?!

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Deborah Needleman, the former Domino Editor-In-Chief and newly appointed editor of WSJ’s Saturday lifestyle section, has brought even more women from Domino to work with her in this new endeavor. This includes Ruth Altchek, Domino’s former editorial projects director and features editor, Sarah Ruffin Costello, the magazine’s former creative director, and Rita Konig! Deborah brought Lauren Goodman, Domino’s former fashion director, on board about a month ago. Is this not the most exciting news you’ve heard in years?! Even though it won’t be quite the same, I can’t wait to have my Domino team working together again. This collaboration is going to yield great things… I just know it! :)   

(image of Deborah Needleman courtesty of Daily Imprint)


ames ingham

I love this candy-colored living room by interior designer Ames Ingram. Many of you might recall Ames from her chic spread in the February 2008 issue of Domino (how could you forget those cute little dinosaur figurines on her dining room table?). This living room seems to epitomize L.A. style – so airy, fresh and bright. And I can’t get enough of pink walls these days (remember Hamish Bowles' apartment?). Pink is the new black, if I do say so myself :)