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at home with lotta nieminen

Designer and illustrator Lotta Nieminen currently lives in New York and has made it big time, but these photos were taken five years ago at her tiny Helenski studio. To me, it's the pinicle of modern, feminine Scandanavian design. The bones of her home -- white walls, warm wood furniture -- are typical of many Finish dwellings. It's the addition of personal accessories in good taste that make Lotta's studio irresistable. I can tell that she's a graphic designer: type, color and branded elements tie the space together. Truth be told I don't even mind the burgandy kitchen and bath (though you know if she had it her way, she'd make it clean and white!). See the Design*Sponge feature in it's intirety here. P.S. How cute is the name Lotta?!

(photos by Maarit Hohteri)


the hoveys + design*sponge

The Hovey’s museum-esque Manhattan flat was showcased on Design*Sponge yesterday - did you see it? Theirs is one of my favorite spaces of all time! From their extensive collection of vintage Louis Vuitton pieces to their tangerine kitchenaid mixer, it’s truly perfection. Can you believe that they're from Kansas City, of all places? :) 

(all photos by Porter Hovey)


scenes from sunday

Maybe one of these days, I’ll do something interesting enough with my Friday and Saturday to post pictures from the entire weekend? In the meantime, here’s what I did with my Sunday: 1) We went to the farmer’s market and picked up Zucchini flowers (which are actually edible! who would have thought?). When fried up in a pan, they’re delicious. 2) The watermelons at the farmer’s market this week were out of this world good. 3) I’m sure you’ve seen the cover of Sara Midda’s The South of France: A Sketchbook floating around the internet. I picked up a copy months ago and just now got around to flipping through it! It’s contents are just as lovely as its cover. 4) The English Muse and I snatched the last two copies of Design*Sponge’s summer newsletter at ReForm School! Can you believe that it was free?! I would have gladly paid $10 for this little thing :) 5) My best friend picked me up this vintage hat at an antique mall in Michigan, not having the slightest clue as to who Oleg Cassini was. I love! Et c'est tout. How was your weekend?