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Five Interesting Facts about Textiles

This semester, I’m taking an introductory course on textiles that I find to be fascinating. Considering the monumental role that textiles play in my life, I’m sorry to admit that prior to this course I knew very little on the subject. Though I'm only at the semester's midpoint, I can’t go a day without analyzing someone’s clothing and postulating said clothing’s fiber content and care. Laundry, which previously tied hand-washing dishes as my least favorite chore, has become a delight. I wish I were kidding.  

As I reviewed my class notes this evening, I complied a list of five facts that I found to be both helpful and interesting. Perhaps much of below is common knowledge, but it was all new to me! 

  1. Linen is actually flax. The word linen is derived from linum, which is the latin term for the flax plant. I’ve blended flax seed into my breakfast smoothie concoction every morning for the past two months and had no idea that it was remotely associated with linen last week. Dur. 
  2. If a textile is made from 100% Bamboo, it can’t be organic. Unlike linen and cotton, bamboo must be chemically processed into a fiber. Ditto for Eucalyptus.
  3. White Vinegar is magical and can get rid of almost any stain. 
  4. On most washing machines, the delicate cycle is no more gentle than the normal cycle. It is called “delicate” simply because that particular setting skips a few steps in the washing process (ie, it’s just shorter). Prior to this class, I wrongly assumed that the delicate setting was equivalent to hand-washing garments in the tub. I was shocked when I found out what was really going on in there. For me, it was somewhat like the adult equivalent of discovering that Santa isn’t real. 
  5. Adding more soap than recommended to your laundry load to make it “cleaner” is actually counterproductive. All soaps, including laundry detergent, work because they attract dirt. Though clothing is rinsed clean in the wash, a bit of soap will still remain in the item. If you use more soap than necessary, even more soap will be left in the item and thus the item will become dirtier quicker. Prior to learning this, I was totally guilty of abusing soap..! I've since changed my ways:)  

 (photo via D. Porthault


those sheets.

This morning, my incredibly stylish friend Natalie forwarded me Todd Selby's newsletter along with a simple caption: "I suspect you've seen this?!" (she knows me so well!). The "this" in question was Mr. Selby's shoot with Rita Konig at her former Manhattan digs, also known as The Most Beautiful Apartment in the World. Rita's D. Porthault sheets have long been on my dream wish list... I'm a bedding nut, and - try as I might - can't seem to find another pattern that tops the French line's Coeurs Pink (which was originally designed for the Duke + Duchess of Windsor, don't you know :). Ooh, my expensive taste will be the end of me!


this week in pictures

A few images and thoughts from this past week... 1. I've read to page 47 of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and love it. I’m on track to finish the book in the next few weeks... as soon as I do, I’ll be sure to post a review 2. Season three of Game of Thrones, my HBO obsession, premiered today. Spring was everywhere last week, but all I could think was, “winter is coming.” 3 + 4. I stopped by Mission Road Antique Mall, my favorite Kansas City destination for antiques, and found two sets of new D. Porthault hand towels and bath sheets for $88... that’s practically free! That place is chock-full of gorgeous, incredibly priced things - if you’re ever in the area, you have got to visit 5. Had drinks with an old friend on Wednesday night at The Raphael Hotel... Isn’t it pretty? Can't wait to go back :) 6. Snapped a quick photo of myself wearing Nars’ matte lip pencil in “Dragon Girl”, which I often refer to as the best red known to man. It looks amazing on almost everyone and lasts for hours! If you haven't tried it, try it.

All photos via my Instagram :)


a coral collage

A coral round-up (just because the color makes me very, very happy!). one: faux coral chandalier two: bi-coastal hat three: van cleef & arpels diamond and coral bracelet four: butter london's macbeth (am wearing it now!) five: raynaud's coral teapot six: raynaud's coral cup + saucer seven: vintage olivetti typewriter eight: spisani coral bookends nine: oliphant's starfish earrings ten: tom ford lipstick in true coal eleven: sonia by sonia rykiel silk-crepe collar twelve: herend komodo dragon thirteen: herend oyster + pearl fourteen: d. porthault's "matisse coral" boudoir pillow. center image: behind-the-scenes photo of the New York Ballet's costume shop 


a tour of d. porthault

While in New York last week, I penciled some time for a stop at D. Portault. As I walked into their boutique (located at 420 Park Avenue), it took everything in my power not to faint. In person, Porthault’s linens are exquisite! To be immersed in them is quite an experience. I had to snap a few photos so my sweet readers could share in the experience, as well :) Do tell-- do you have a favorite Porthault print? I can’t seem to choose!