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deyrolle paris

While browsing flickr last night, I came across these wonderful photos of Deyrolle, the famous Parisian taxidermy boutique known for their wild curiosities. The blogger behind The Snail and the Cyclops took the time to scan them in from a 1985 issue of World of Interiors (my hero!). Sadly, Deyrolle suffered a devastating fire in February 2008 that eliminated 90% of its product - the New York Times described the incident as if “a dagger had been plunged into the heart of Paris.” Curators and Deyrolle supporters from around the world - including Christie’s and Hermès - rallied to raise money to bring the boutique back to life (no pun intended). My sister is taking a trip to Paris this Summer with my grandmother - I'll have to send them to the shop to investigate the recovery. If you've visited Deyrolle since the fire, please comment! I'd love to hear what you have to say. 


edith head for lisa fremont

If I were to ever be granted three wises, I know that one of them would be to commission Edith Head to design my entire wardrobe. Above are her personal watercolor + pencil sketches for three of Grace Kelly’s costumes as Lisa Fremont in "Rear Window" - they were auctioned off at Christie’s this past November, fetching upwards of $12,821. I've been dying to have a dress made just like the one in the third sketch for years! It seems very timely as ballet-inspired clothing is all the rage these days, don't you think?

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