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loafers are cool

Is there a chicer (or easier) fall ensemble than a white men’s oxford, cropped dark denim jeans and classic loafers? I think not. My style icons Grace Kelly, Charlotte Casiraghi, Jane Birkin and the lot seem to agree. This season, I’ll be wearing a pair of brandless vintage black leather loafers, though ideally I’d be wearing these. As the photos show, they don't go out of style. Loafers are cool, mais no?

P.S. The lone man in the roundup? Francis Ford Coppola!


charlotte casiraghi + gucci's flora infinity scarf

I've always loved Gucci's flora print. A vintage handbag in the pattern (like this) has been on my wishlist for years! I actually saw one at a consignment shop years ago and still to this day completley regret not purchasing it. Long story short, I'm thrilled to see that the fashion house is employing their Forever Now spokesperson, Charlotte Casiraghi, to bring the print back (...but really, did it ever go away?). I think the grey scarf she's pictured with is gorgeous. It's been decided that if I ever break my arm, I'm raiding my piggy bank to purchase one to use as a sling à la Charlotte's grandmother, Grace. I mean, shouldn't insurance cover it or something? :) 

P.S. Speaking of, I probably need this.


charlotte casiraghi for gucci

Upon showing this video to my boyfriend, he said, “…so she’s drop-dead gorgeous, and she’s royalty?” Why yes, that sums it up quite nicely :) A dead-ringer for her starlet grandmother, Ms. Casiraghi is the new face of Gucci’s equestrian-inspired Forever Now collection. Fashion photog Peter Lindbergh captured her campaign debut, the first of (reportedly) four installments. Doesn’t it make you want to become a professional Gucci-clad equestrian? Me, too. I’m still trying to put my finger on the fabulous tune this video is set to – if you happen to know, you’d be my hero :)


charlotte casiraghi: equestrian chic

Charlotte Casiraghi is one of my ultimate style icons. That being said, I can’t believe that I am just now discovering these images from her December ’10 editorial French Elle. Isn’t she stunning?! The girl’s a dead ringer for her grandmother, HRH Princess Grace of Monaco. I’m obsessed with her equestrian-chic style - that crisp white button-up blouse is killing me! I think I need to start riding horses so I have an excuse to dress comme ça :) 



charlotte casiraghi: champion of eco-friendly design

One of my favorite articles in the September issue of Vogue is a piece written about Charlotte Casiraghi, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter (but of course, you smart women knew that already). The article mentions a recent project that Ms. Casiraghi worked on with Italian artist  Michelangelo Pistoletto and Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. In 2009, Mr. Pistoletto and Ms. Sozzani invited 11 young + creative designers from around world to create a look made entirely of sustainable material. The project was intended to encourage designers + fashion houses to create collections with a smaller carbon footprint. Alongside a team of heavy influencers within the Fashion industry, Charlotte Casiraghi created EVER Manifesto, a short magazine to accompany the unveiling of the designer’s looks. EVER Manifesto, now available online in a PDF format, includes photos of the looks (two of which are shown above) and several pieces regarding the current state of sustainable fashion. My favorite article in the magazine? An interview with Franca Sozzani conducted by Ms. Casiraghi herself (can you tell that I like interviews?!). If you have time today, I encourage you to take a peak-- It is truly a great read!