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catherine deneuve's mink coat

This photo of Catherine Deneuve arriving at a European airport in 2005 embodies everything I want to be, now and always. Blonde chignon, glasses, oxblood nails, british tan Hermès birkin (doubt I will ever own one of my own, but a girl can dream). I also love that big mink coat! I would never buy a new fur, though -- I always purchase vintage. Speaking of, I found this pretty fur on Etsy and I'm dying to purchase it. Do you think it's too dressy to wear to class? :) 


snow flakes

I counted till they danced so
Their slippers leaped the town,
And then I took a pencil
To note the rebels down.
And then they grew so jolly
I did resign the prig,
And ten of my once stately toes
Are marshalled for a jig! 

-Emily Dickinson


It seems like headpieces are everywhere this spring! As much as I wish I could wear a little floral number in my hair like the model on the cover of the April J. Crew catalog (which is genius), I think I’ll play it safe and stick to something along the lines of what Catherine Deneuve is wearing in the photo above. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from around the Internet. Will you be wearing headpices in these warmer months? They're so sweet, I don't know how anyone could resist!

one: Anthropologie's epic headband, two: ban.do's no. 104 (technically, it's a bridal headpiece but who's counting?),
three: ban.do's M, four: emersonmade's ballet dahlia hair clip. Photo of Ms. Deneuve from here