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hermès + the art of hand-rolling

In Matchbook’s second issue (their fifth issue is out TODAY, by the way!), writer Natalie Grasso wrote a piece about the Hermès scarf, noting that each silk confection takes roughly three hundred fifty hours to make. Crazy, right? I did a little research and found that the lengthy construction time is largely due to the fact that each scarf is hand-rolled.  If you’re not sure what “hand-rolling” means (...I certainly didn’t know!), Hermès produced this lovely short film which follows a seamstress through the entire process. It’s très interesting (and will make you want a closet-full of their scarves). Enjoy! 

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to be honest, i don't believe the three hundred and fifty hours... i don't even think Rembrandt took more than three hundred and fifty hours to paint his Nightwatch... or whatever... just a little comparison. that would be two months of straight work for one scarf. (I checked the issue and it really said that amount of time. :P)
but what's a really good thing, is that they keep the cratsmanship, it's good to hear they are hand rolled.

06.1.2011 | Unregistered Commenteragnes szucs

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