stars + stripes

Pray tell: is there anything more iconic than stripes? (If conflicted, see Matchbook’s essay re: stripes in their sixth issue). After coming across the top photo of James Dean in a striped knit top, I decided to compose a roundup of my favorite retro celebrities wearing striped ensembles (save for Catherine Deneuve in that hat - the image was too cute to leave out!). While I think Jenna Lyons looks terribly chic when she pairs her marinière with, say, sequin harem pants, there is something v. alluring about about stripes worn simply (of course, any of the above icons would look earth-shattering in paper bags). How do you wear stripes? Who makes your favorite striped shirt? (Petit Bateau, Saint James, Chance..?) I'd love to know!


kate spade + shutters on the beach

Want to ride Adeline Adeline’s limited-edition Kate Spade bicycle about town but don’t want to pay the $1,100 price tag? You’re in luck! That is, if you find yourself in California. Shutters on the Beach, a posh Santa Monica beach resort, allows guests to rent the bicycles by the day or by the hour. !!!!. I’m seriously considering booking a mini-stay-cation at the resort just so I can rent one. I mean, can you blame me?


coach + fall advertisements

I’m a sucker for good advertisements. In fact, I have an entire binder dedicated to fashion + home advertisements alone (all archived in plastic page protectors, of course). While browsing through this very binder earlier today, I stumbled across these fantastic Coach ads I’d saved months (or possibly years!) ago. I can’t remember which season they’re from for the life of me, but I find them very inspirational. If only Los Angeles had an autumn! (Winter I can do without :) 

(scanned by yours truly)


scenes from sunday

There’s something about California that inspires me to take so many photos! Perhaps it has a bit to do with the pleasant (read: perfect) weather? In any case, I had to share :) The top image, taken shortly after I painted my nails Essie’s “Really Red,” was snapped by my roommate. Save for the photo of the fresh blooms (which was taken at a local farmer’s market), I captured the other images around the house. And there you have it - a photo documentation of my rather uneventful (but totally relaxing) weekend. I hope yours was just as lovely!


want of the day


I’ve been eyeing Scalamandré’s red zebra umbrella for months now (haven’t we all?!). BUT, when the company added a zebra second umbrella in their yellow colorway last week, my heart was torn - I’m not sure which one I like best! Wouldn’t this sunshine-y confection be perfect for a dreary day? Never mind the fact that it rarely rains in LA - it doesn't seem to stop Kelly Wearstler :)