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(p.s. - like the stationary? it's sugar paper! they're the best :) 


on this day in history... 

Jane Mallory Birkin was born in
London, England.  


kate spade on gifts

I love reading gift guides. Nothing makes me want to shop more! Especially when they’re written by someone like Kate Spade. The above photos are from two different – and very old, I might add – pieces that I re-discovered in my magazine collection last night. The cool thing is that her suggestions are just as fresh now as they were then! Scans one and two are from a 2004 InStyle feature. The third scan is from an unknown source (but I love it all the same). Oh, how I wish Kate Spade had a GOOP-esque newsletter so we could see what she's giving this year. I have a hunch that she would have some very good ideas :) 


une citation

"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. 
In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall."

-Larry Wilde

(photo by Slim Aarons)


want of the day

I’ve never been one to collect autographs, but I have an extreme infatuation with Grace Kelly. I mean, who doesn’t? The above, according to the seller, is a page from a book of drawings by famous people (the title of which is unnamed). Both the flower sketch and the blue autograph are printed, but the red text was signed in ink. Wouldn't you love to frame this for your home? It’d surely be a fantastic conversation-starter!