mimi and papa

Over the course of the past three years, my grandmother has scanned every single photo ever taken of my family (from my dad’s high school prom pictures to my little sister’s eighth grade graduation) and organized them into a digital photo album. It’s seriously amazing to be able to browse the lot whenever it strikes my fancy. That’s how I came across these pictures of my grandparents, also known as Mimi and Papa, on their November 1963 honeymoon in Arizona. And yes, they’re just as happy and in love now as they were then :) Cheers to life-long Valentines! 


drake's pocket squares

I’ve always found men’s clothing to be a bit limiting. Recently, though, I’ve realized that menswear is about the details. Little things like ties, cufflinks, and of course pocket squares, can reveal worlds about a man’s personality (whether he’s conscious of it or not!). Some men are uncomfortable with fashion and are afraid to take risks. If this sounds familiar, might I suggest purchasing one of Drake’s pocket squares as a Valentine’s Day gift? I prefer the patterned ones, but the polka dot number is perfect for someone of a more conservative nature. I'm tempted to buy one for myself just because they're so beautiful! 

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carolina herrera jr. + domino magazine

In terms of all-time favorite spaces, Carolina Herrera Jr.’s rose-tinted Manhattan home is right up there with Hamish Bowles’ abodes (1, 2) and Rita Konig’s New York apartment. This editorial is almost six years old, and I still get chills when I see that Laura Ashley wallpaper, cowhide rug + striped chaise lounge! I must give credit to my friend Tina for taking the time to scan in these photos… sadly, I do not own this issue of Domino. Which reminds me – did you hear that Condé Nast might be reviving our dearly departed magazine?! Cartwheels. Scream. Squeal. I wonder who might be heading up this new project and who they might be planning to shoot... any thoughts? Think Will & Kate's new home is out of the question? :)


on this day in history... 

The 1924 Winter Olympics
opens in Chamonix, France.  



map couture

I’m a sucker for a good vintage map (just look at my background!). That being said, these map dresses were love at first sight. I actually stumbled across an image of one months ago and have been searching for its designer ever since – but to also discover that they’re for still for sale? Day. Made. Whoever said maps were a thing of the past was seriously in the wrong :)