william stubbs' a moment of luxury

Dear readers, have I got a treat for you! I stumbled across the link to New York City's WLIW21's exclusive television series A Moment of Luxury via one of Bunny William's tweets (I swear, twitter is such a great resource!). Series that air exclusively on public television are highly underrated-- particularly home and design series. I could watch The Create Channel, Chicago's art, design and food public television station, for hour on end.. But anyway, A Moment of Luxury episodes are available for viewing online here. Episodes and exclusive "webisodes" are also available here.

I included my two favorite episodes, of course! In the video above, Mr. Stubbs gets a personal room-by-room tour of the 2009 Kips Bay Showhouse by the room's respective designer. Remember the Bunny Williams-designed room that caused such a stir on the August 5, 2009 Skirted Round Table podcast? In this episode, you hear Bunny's thoughts about the room she designed as well as what was behind it.

In this episode, Bunny Williams guides Mr. Stubbs through her weekend home made famous by her book,
An Affair With a House. So fabulous! You have to watch it.

martha and me

On Wednesday afternoon, I fulfilled a lifelong dream: I talked house and home with Martha Stewart.

Yes, that's right-- the Martha Stewart. I still can't believe it! After I finished class, I was leisurely scrolling through my twitter home page when I saw Martha's tweet, pictured above. "Why shouldn't I call?" I thought. Now that this zero-degree weather is back with a vengeance, my little college apartment is unbearably cold. The simple solution would be to turn the up the thermostat, right? If only! Because last month's electric bill was through the roof, my roommate banned space heaters and keeps our apartment at a chilly sixty-five degrees. But since our apartment is poorly insulated, the temperature inside averages out at about fifty-six degrees.  I was going to call home for advice on how to trap the heat in and keep the cold out, but why call home when you can ask Martha? (sorry mom!)

Of course, Martha and her co-host had some great tips. They first suggested covering any exposed floor with flor carpet tiles. I think these are fabulous! They come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns and, best of all, they aren't very expensive.

Next, they suggested sealing off all windows and doors with draft dodgers. Martha says they're easy to make (but then again, it's Martha!). I found both written directions and a step-by-step video for this project on

Then, Martha and her co-host advised me to trade out my current sheets for flannel ones. Martha said that in the winter, she outfits each bed at Cantitoe Corners, her Bedford, New York estate, with flannel sheets from her Macy's home line. Customers rave about them in the online reviews. And, alas, they're currently on sale! 

The last piece of advice Martha gave me was to always wear socks around the house. I am already a religious sock-wearer. As a matter of fact, my sweet boyfriend recently bought me a pair of cashmere socks (well, technically, he bought them for himself and I am "borrowing" them) that I just can't get enough of. They keep my toes nice and toasty.

Thanks, Martha, for the great advice! I was absolutely tickled to be a part of your show :)

kiehl's ultimate man body scrub soap

Normally, I would never purchase products marketed towards men–I'm far too swayed by girly packaging and presentation. But on a whim I decided to purchase kiehl's "ultimate man" body scrub soap and, by golly, I'm hooked! It's the ideal winter soap because it exfoliates and cleans your skin without leaving you feeling dry. That's right–it exfoliates for you. At $12 it's a bit of extravagance but, in my opinion, it's a little luxury that's worth every penny. 


welcome home, dvf

Was anyone else as excited as I was to find out that Diane Von Furstenberg is launching a home décor line, available in early 2011?! If it's anything like her Paris apartment, we're in luck!

PS: Ms. Furstenburg, if you're listening, I'm really digging this "rainbow bricks neutral" print as seen in your Spring '10 collection. Could we possibly do curtains in a similar pattern? Maybe bed linens?
(DVF's apartment photos courtesy of habitually chic)


christian dior haute couture

(photo courtesy of

Galliano's Spring 2010 Haute Couture collection for Dior is downright fabulous. The show's set reminds me of Valentine's day. Check it out here.

But really, it was 13-year-old blogging prodigy Tavi (and her oversized hat) who stole the show. So funny! Read about it at